• Makeup as Self- Expression

    Makeup is art, a way to express one’s creativity and talent. Today we take so many precautions for the makeup we buy, there are both drugstore and luxurious products available in the market. Makeup has come a long way since the old ages and it has changed the idea of beauty for women in the process. It is meant to help you feel good in your own skin. View Post
  • Best Lip Scrubs For The Perfect Pout

    A smile that catches every eye! Who doesn't want soft glossy lips! But is hydration enough to keep lips healthy? Of course not! In case of lip care, most people give much more attention to keep their lips hydrated all day long. Little do they know how much exfoliating us beneficial to the lips! E... View Post
  • The Ultimate Winter Body Care Regimen

    Tired of flaky skin issues in harsh winter? Honestly, winter isn't much friendly to your skin ! When it comes to skincare, one can only think of time consuming daily routine. Well, skin care routine isn't much of a hectic as it sounds! You know, the more your invest on your skin's health, the mor... View Post