Makeup as Self- Expression

In today’s society, women are constantly shamed for what is and isn’t beautiful. This has created the idea that makeup is what makes women appealing. Makeup can be viewed as both a form of self-expression and a confidence booster. It has created products that aid in hiding your face structure, acne, blemishes and even birthmarks. Periodically, this has degraded the idea of the existence of a women’s natural beauty, the belief in only looking beautiful with it on. On the other hand, makeup is very well one of the many virtues of growing up.

Makeup is art, a way to express one’s creativity and talent. Today we take so many precautions for the makeup we buy, there are both drugstore and luxurious products available in the market. Makeup has come a long way since the old ages and it has changed the idea of beauty for women in the process. It is meant to help you feel good in your own skin. Makeup is the paint our face is the canvas and we are the artists. It can either be a routine or something done on special occasions, but it is definitely a worldwide beauty enhancer and key to every person’s confidence.

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