• Original men's Eau de cologne perfume

4711 Ekw Eau de Cologne 60ml


4711 ORIGINAL EAU DE COLOGNE is one of the oldest brands with international reputation and known as “The mother of all Colognes”.

For more than 225 years people rely on the fresh fragrance with beneficial effects on body, mind and soul: Harmonizing, stimulating, calming and uplifting.

The natural high-quality ingredients and essential oils are known for their aroma therapeutic benefits. Until today the recipe is a well-kept secret.



Key Features:

  • Olfactory Family - Citric, Aromatic
  • Top Notes -VITALIZING
  • Bergamot, Lemon and Orange create a very fresh prelude and a unmistakably revitalizing experience.
  • Heart Notes - RELAXING & INVIGORATING Lavender and spicy rosemary have a relaxing effect and strengthen the nerves.
  • Base Notes - CALMING
  • Precious Neroli – Extracted from the flower of the bitter orange tree, it takes care of calming and creating a positive mood.
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