• Auravedic Feel Bright and Spotless

Auravedic Feel Bright and Spotless

Key Benefits/Uses:

Nalpamaradi is a traditional ingredient used as a beauty enhancer. When blended in oil, it creates a luminous effect on the skin. But Pigmentation patches can take away the beauty of this brightness. Hence a combination of these 2 oils works well together to make your skin bright and light. Using these 2 oils means bright and illuminated skin with a beautiful glow. • Skin aging begins by 20 and looking after your skin as early as possible is beneficial to maintain your youthful appearance.
• A combination of Skin Lightening Oil and Age Repair Face Polish is a natural skin care regime for skin that looks aged.
• Loaded with anti-oxidant pomegranate, grape seed, saffron and turmeric, this combination will help in maintaining your skin’s appearance and texture while lightening patches and spots.
• The Skin Lightening Oil works on pigmentation and tan that make your skin look dull.
• Gives an even skin tone.
• The polish will gently remove dull dead skin and help in new skin renewal.
The Nalpamaradi Thailam improves the look and texture of the skin making it bright.
The Skin lightening oil works on skin tan and pigmentation making the skin lighter.

Direction for use/Dosage:

Use the skin lightening oil in the morning or after sun exposure on clean face .Leave on or wipe off after 1 hour. Apply the Nalpamaradi Thailam as a night time routine and allow your skin to get ready for morning brightness. Wash off in the morning.Suitable for all skin types. Use day and night for best results