• Auravedic Trouble free glowing skin

Auravedic Trouble free glowing skin

Key Benefits/Uses:

A healthy skin is a trouble free skin.
If you are troubled by your skin being attacked by pollutants and harsh environment, this is the right oil combination for you. Using these 2 oils means a great detox for your skin and giving it a beautiful glow. The Eladi Thailam is great detox oil that will cleanse your skin of the daily pollutants that attack your skin making it dull. It will keep your skin stress free, allowing for faster cell renewal.
The kumkumadi oil works beautifully on your healthy skin to make it clear and spotless with a beautiful glow.
• Detox your skin for a superior glow.
• This combination of 2 of our best face oils will give you healthy and spotless skin.
• Eladi is a fine ingredient used in Ayurveda to detox skin of impurities.
• Kumkumadi oil is a miraculous oil for spotless skin and an even skin tone.
• Cold pressed with super ingredients like Chandana, Vetivier, Kumkuma and Eladi , this combination of 2 oils is sure to solve all your skin problems.

Direction for use/Dosage:

Use the kumkumadi oil in the morning on clean face .Leave on or wipe off after 1 hour. Apply the Eladi Thailam as a night time routine and allow your skin to detox all its troubles. Wash off in the morning.
Suitable for all skin types. Use day and night for best results.