• BMAN Unisex Grooming Box
  • BMAN Unisex Grooming Box

BMAN Unisex Grooming Box

The Box will contain

1.)Human Touch Keratin ShampooIt will help you to eliminate dust and impurities from your scalp. This shampoo is enriched with detoxifying actives which contain tried and tested cleansing ingredients. It adds volume to your hair and is an effective remedy for oily scalp conditions. (Qty 200ml)

2.)Manner Silk Protein Conditioner: This contains a masterful blend of Super-rich conditioning ingredients like Shea Butter, Argan Oil & Lemon Extracts to enhance both feel and appearance of your Hair. (Qty 200ml)

3.)Nutrinorm Face Wash: This face wash helps to unclogs your pores and tightens them. Also, preventing oil from festering under your skin. Perfect for everyday use, this face wash contains innovative ingredients like Glabridin from Glycyrrhiza glabra and Forskolin from coleus both of which have proven to prevent oil from surfacing on your skin making it matte and giving you a blemish-free complexion. (Qty 100gm)

4.)HTI Experts Hair Serum: A hair treatment that hydrates and nourishes to transform dry, lifeless hair to soft and lustrous. Infused with argan oil, the treatment leaves hair that is sumptuously soft, lightweight, and brilliantly shiny. Enriched with Vitamin-E which protects your hair from the sun & the elements and natural proteins make your hair stronger. (Qty 100ml)

5.)Nutrinorm De-Tan Face Pack: It gives your face an instant glow after use, each time. The de-tan face pack is rich with Milk protein, Turmeric, Orange, Lemon, Olive oil, Kesar and Chickpea. These skin-healthy ingredients enhance complexion & bring softness to your face. This is a unique tan removing formula that lightens the skin tone, removing the tanning effect of the sun. (Qty 100gm)

6.)Beloved Bliss MoisturiserIt offers 24 Hr Active Moisturization and provides the skin with essential nutrients necessary for keeping the skin soft and healthy. (Qty 50gm)

7.)A surprise Free Product

8.)BMAN Travel Kit Bag 

9.)Thank You Card & User Guidelines


Why choose BMAN?

·        All our products are Dermatologist Tested, No fillers, Additives, Cruelty-Free, SLS & Paraben Free

·        All the products are full-sized

·        Expiry of each product is June 2021 and Beyond




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