• Charcoal Detox Cleanser-Gem Blue-BioCare

Charcoal Detox Cleanser-Gem Blue-BioCare


The GemBlue BioCare Charcoal Skin Care Detox Cleanser is loaded with the goodness and virtues of charcoal to make your skin bright and clear. This neutralizes acidity and absorbs impurities. For those wanting a radiant skin, try our Detox Cleanser and you will be surprised with its results. The activated charcoal helps in unclogging of the pores. It removes dead cells and impurities. It removes excess oil from the pores and reduces the formation of acne on the skin. This Detox Cleanser will leave you with a face that is fresh and tingly. Continued and regular use will result in progressively balanced skin tone and radiant skin.  

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