• Deluxe Pointed Crease Makeup Brush C412
  • Deluxe Pointed Crease Makeup Brush C412 for women

Deluxe Pointed Crease Makeup Brush C412

Crown brushes have an unending range of brushes, all with great quality and fairly priced. Starting from the look, the pointed crease brush has a black, good quality plastic handle which is labelled with brand logo and brush name. The silver ferrule holds the synthetic, black bristles firmly. There aren’t many details available about the brush material and bristles on the brand website. The bristles are silky and super soft. Though in clicks, they look a bit scattered, yet they are of superb quality. There is no shedding of bristles at all. They retain their shape and softness after each wash. The brush gets squeaky clean with any regular brush cleanser or shampoo available at home; no need to buy any particular brush cleanser. The best part is it dries so fast and is available for next use at its earliest.

Now coming to the performance, it is named pointed crease brush but I can’t see a pointed look in it. Anyways, it does a superb job for applying your favourite shade on the crease. Even if you are not a pro, the brush helps in keeping the crease shadow within crease without messing or merging with eyelid or brow bone shades. Also, it blends the shade superbly with windshield wiper motion. On sale, it is really affordable and will last you a decade for its premium quality.

• Super soft, silky, premium quality bristles.
• Made of synthetic materials, cruelty free.
• Good quality plastic handle with brush name and usage.
• Metallic ferrule holds the bristles firmly.
• Brush is easy to clean and dries fast.
• Can be completely cleaned with any regular brush cleaner or shampoo at home.
• Bristles retain their shape and softness after every wash and no shedding of bristles.
• A handy tool for even beginners.
• Perfectly shaped to keep the crease shadow within the desired area without merging with eyelid shadow or messing with brow bone shade.
• Long lasting due to premium quality.