• Dr. Vaidya's Ayurvedic Women's Pack

Dr. Vaidya's Ayurvedic Women's Pack


Helps keep women fit and health ayurvedically.

Keeping the women’s needs in mind, Dr. Vaidya's has come up with the Women’s Pack. In this pack Dr. Vaidya's has combined supplements for immunity, energy, cold, cough, sexual wellness and supplements for healthy skin and lustrous hair for women.

1) Sung-Ho is an ayurvedic inhaler for a chilly cold that assists with clog and sinus. We live in a nation with contamination and we are frequently searching for nasal blockage medication and throat clog drug. Sung-Ho is across the board one of the best alternatives and can supplement sinus prescriptions. By breathing in the 16 herbs , one can feel the nasal tract open up. 2) Female stamina and performance has been to a great extent overlooked when contrasted with men. While there are numerous items in the market tending to male issues, females have been to a great extent overlooked. Dr. Vaidya’s comprehends this and the genuine motivation to address this issue for ladies. Herbobliss is an Ayurvedic Female Vitalizer that tends to issues of want, execution and stamina in femals.

3) Herbofit is a concentrate of 21 dynamic fixings, utilized in customary Chyawanprash. Uncommonly intended for the cutting edge shopper, Herbofit is both helpful and effectively consumable. With every one of the advantages of the best chyawanprash for immunity, the herbs in this container help anticipate illnesses and afflictions by working up the body’s immunity.

4) Herbocharm is basically a home grown face pack for reasonable skin that helps treat different skin diseases helping you appreciate a perfect and clear skin. This face pack is made by mixing 12 unique herbs. Totally regular and free from any synthetics, this face pack for clear skin encourages the supplements to infiltrate the subcutaneous tissue of the facial skin, consequently expanding its smoothness and adding a shine to it.

5) Herbocool is the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair development. Offered in an ideal consistency, this home grown hair oil is imbued with natural hair toners that give the hair the much-wanted glossy look. It frames a coating on the hair strands consequently keeping them from undesirable oxidation. In addition, this 100% regular, premium hair oil is known to loosen up the mind and offer a serene rest to the user.

6) Herbaal is an Ayurvedic Hair Cleanser, which bends over as an enemy of turning gray, hostile to dandruff, and against hair fall cleanser. Known to offer a characteristic sparkle and smoothness to the hair, this Ayurvedic hair cleanser is made utilizing the choicest herbs that improves its purifying activity as well as guarantees that it liberates you from undesirable dandruff and untimely greying of the hair. Because of its key fixings, for example, Amla and Shikakai, Herbaal encourages hair development.



Sung-Ho: The ayurvedic inhaler has a mixture of smells and one of the strong smells present is that of Variali. Benefits of smelling Variali include helping with bronchitis, congestion and cough as they have expectorant properties

  • Rose: Rose parts yields small part of essential oil, which has unique aroma. It is used in aromatherapy to relax body and mind. It has healing properties over insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, cold and cough.
  • Tulsi: Ayurvedic medicine for blocked nose and to prevent infections. The smell helps de-congest the nasal passage and throat.
  • Brahmi: A natural nasal congestion medicine that helps by clearing excess phlegm and inflammation in the throat and respiratory system.
  • Vasaka: helps clear a chronic cough, congestion, wheezing and respiratory infections.
  • Elaichi: A key ingredient in this ayurvedic inhaler Sung-Ho. It is known as a warm spice in Ayurveda and helps by increasing circulation of blood within your lungs which helps relieve breathing problems like asthma, cold and cough.
  • Sweet Almond: provides wonderful scent and/or flavor.
  • Kalimeri: It is an important ingredient for this ayurvedic inhaler medicine for blocked nose. Its antibacterial properties make it an effective natural remedy to cure a cold and cough. Additionally, the spicy smell helps loosen phlegm and relieves a stuffy nose.
  • Tej: It is also used in cooking and perfumes due to its aromatic smell. The smell helps alleviate the flue, cold and cough.
  • Lavang: It is a key ingredient in most natural throat congestion medicines. It relieves the irritation in the throat.
  • Kankol: It was a strong and pleasant smelss that helps clear the congested nasal cavity.
  • Nagkesar: The expectorant and anti-bacterial properties help treat the symptoms of cold and cough. It removes congestion, soothes throat and reduces uneasiness.


  • Prawal Pisti: increases physical strength, bone mineral density and calms the mind.
  • Jayphal (Nutmeg): is sweetly scented spice and has long been used in Indian culture as a very popular libido booster. Many people refer to nutmeg as “Viagra for women.” It is widely used aphrodisiac which is found to increase sexual behaviours. It causes sexual arousal by imitating the effect of serotonin hormone and also provides a relaxing effect on the body.
  • Javantri: is used in insomnia and as a hallucinogen. Javantri has chemicals that might trigger the central nervous system.
  • Sunth (Ginger): increases blood flow, especially to the sexual organs. Many cultures have used ginger as an aphrodisiac, and is top libido booster. Ginger is also high in potassium, magnesium, and copper. It is a great anti-nausea substance, and has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Lavang: is a warming, slightly sweet spice which increases blood flow and body temperature. Cloves also increase energy and ingesting them leaves you sweetly scented. All of these serve to create a powerful sexual attractant. Cloves are also high in omega-3 fatty acids, manganese, and vitamin K, and they contain eugenol, which serves as an antiseptic and mild anesthetic.
  • Pepper: Heat up the body, speed metabolism and increase blood flow to the sensitive areas. Eating pepper also gives you an attractive, flushed appearance, which may help heat things up for your partner, as well. It may also be beneficial to heart health, and could help you lose weight by firing up your metabolism.
  • Caraway seeds (Sahajira): Is used to get rid of sexual weakness. It is also effective immunomodulator and Galactogogue.
  • Kapur Kachli: Is a small hardy ginger with bright and large white and orange flowers and is indigenous to the subtropical Himalayan regions. It has pungent, light, bitter, strong, heating properties which facilitates sexual desire.
  • Rose: Stimulates the circulation of blood to all your organs, keeping your body healthy. It is a powerful aphrodisiac and can bring back libido. Rose oil is also particularly beneficial for women as it helps regulate periods, lessen the symptoms of PMS, and keeps the uterus healthy and free of discharge, fibroids, and tumors.
  • Taj: Is known to induce sexual desire and reduce abdominal pain.
  • Elaichi: The ancient healing art of Ayurveda recommends Elaichi (cardamom) for low libido. This spice contains high levels of cineole, which increases blood flow to the male and female sexual regions. That may increase desire.
  • Safed Musli: Is valuable for its aphrodisiac and adaptogenic properties, anti-ageing health restorative effect. It vitalizes the sex and reproductive system. Improves mental health, helps to combat stress and depression thus regains libido and stamina. It is also used in general physical weakness.
  • Jyeshthimadhu (licorice): Increase in blood flow in females and bring libido.
  • Nirbhishi: Helps for troubled sleep (insomnia) and used as a sedative to cause relaxation.
  • Banslochan (Bambusa arundinacea): Is used for females to increase low libido. It is also used for various gynecological disorders.
  • Tagar: Is hypnotic and mild sedative in action. Due to these characteristics, it is highly used in herbal medicines for diseases related to brain, mind and muscles. It helps to give blissful sleep, keeps the nervous system healthy and helps the body to relax.
  • Kesar or Saffron: are little yellow threads which helps to increase sex drive. Saffron also has antioxidant qualities and supplies selenium, zinc, potassium, and magnesium.


  • Amla Ghan Also known as Indian Gooseberry, Amla is best used for its high concentration of Vitamin C and antioxidants. It nourishes the brain functionality, enhances absorption of food, promotes healthier skin and hair, acts as a body coolant and flushes out toxins.
  • Elaichi Ghan Elaichi, also known as Cardamom, is known for its detoxifying properties. A great anti-depressant, this India spice is great for fighting and preventing various infections.
  • Lavang Ghan Lavang or Clove is used in Herbofit its antiseptic properties that help in treating cough and cold.
  • Kesar Powder Also known as saffron, Kesar helps the body in fighting diseases, while also aiding cell formation and repair. It helps maintains blood pressure and keeps heart diseases at bay.
  • Jayfal Ghan Jayfal or nutmeg is a popular herbal remedy, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. This herb is known to reduce stress and anxiety and helps relieve digestive problems and menstrual cramps.
  • Javantri Ghan Javantri is well known for its antidepressant as well as antibacterial properties. It helps in controlling seizures and prevents epilepsy.
  • Elcha Ghan This Ayurvedic herb is known to stimulate intestinal and gastric glands in order to secrete essential juices, and therefore proves helpful in curing heart burns and stomach cramps.
  • Nagarmotha Ghan Also known as Nutgrass, Nagarmoth is one of the prominent herbs used in Ayurveda, which helps in healing the diseases of the skin. It also acts as a diuretic, and helps prevent liver and lung diseases.
  • Jatamansi Ghan Jatamansi is a natural brain nervine tonic and a memory enhancer, which has a calming effect.
  • Taj Ghan Taj increases general vitality. It warms and energizes the body as a whole, counteracts congestion, stops diarrhea, improves digestion and relieves abdominal spasms.
  • Tejpatra Ghan Tejpatra Ghan acts as a dietary support and pancreatic tonic. It supports healthy respiratory system and helps build immunity against various environmental pathogens.
  • Shahjira Ghan Shahjira is used for digestive problems including heartburn, bloating, gas, loss of appetite, and mild spasms of the stomach and intestines.
  • Dhania Ghan Dhania or Coriander is quite effective in curing various skin diseases like eczema, itchy skin, rashes, and inflammation. It also helps cure mouth ulcers and sores.
  • Talis Patra Ghan Talispatra is a prominent Ayurvedic herb, that has anti-inflammatory and bronchodilatory action on airways and lungs.
  • Kapurkachli Ghan Kapurkachli ghan is used mainly as an anti-asthmatic agent. It is also used to cure bronchitis, pain, nausea, inflammations, and hiccups.
  • Gulab Ghan Gulab Ghan is an effective astringent that reduces the swelling of capillaries beneath the skin. It cleanses the gallbladder and liver and is known to improve bile secretion.
  • Mastaki Ghan This Ayurvedic herb is used in treating gastrointestinal ailments high blood pressure, heart ailments, and peptic ulcers, along with bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Tagar Ghan This herb is used to treat swellings and pain in rheumatic joints. It relaxes over-contracted muscles and is thus helpful for relieving shoulder and neck tensions as well.
  • Agar Ghan Agar ghan is high in calcium, iron and fibre. It helps to reduce inflammation, hypertension, regulates the lungs and the liver.
  • Abrakh Bhasma Abrakh Bhasma is an excellent cellular regenerator and a nerve tonic and is therefore used for the treatment of many respiratory tract infections along with anaemia.
  • Nirbhishi Ghan Nirbhishi Ghan is a Vata, Pitta and Kapha suppressant. It helps in reducing the inflammation and also helps in relieving pain while curbing any related infection.


  • Lodhra This prominent Ayurvedic herb is known to bring a glow to the skin, while also improving its complexion and tone. It also helps treat obstinate skin diseases, owing to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Dhania Also referred to as Coriander, Dhania is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.
  • Haldi Also known as Turmeric, Haldi is celebrated for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It also works as a brightening agent, thereby lightening the skin tone.
  • Sarsav Also known as Mustard, the greens of these herb control cholesterol levels by interfering with its absorption in the gut.
  • Kapur Also known as Camphor, Kapur is a prominent herb, which has anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to relieve acne, pimples, boils etc.
  • Menthol Menthol is a calming and soothing herb that has been used for thousands of years to aid with upset stomach or indigestion.
  • Mungdal Also known as green gram, this legume helps reduce scars and marks and therefore forms a key component of Herbocharm.
  • Sankh Jeera A species of Steatitis, Sankh Jeera is a fairly popular Ayurvedic herb, which is known for its cooling properties.
  • Sunth Essentially dried ginger, Sunth is known to be a powerful herb that aids digestion and assists in weight management.
  • Chalk Also known as Talk, Chalk acts as a mild abrasive and absorbs excess sebum to give the skin a supple feel.


  • Bhringraj Swaras Also known as Eclipta Alba, Bringraj is a natural herbal hair toner that promotes hair growth and controls dandruff.
  • Amla Swaras Amla or the Indian Gooseberry is a rich source of vitamin C. Not only does it acts as a great hair conditioner, but also prevents early greying of hair.
  • Brahmi Swaras Also known as Bacopa, Bramhi helps relieve stress and is therefore used as a treatment for various ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, anxiety, ADHD, and epilepsy, amongst others.
  • Behda Also known as Behera, this herb is celebrated for curing headaches, as well as strengthening the root of the hair.
  • Nagarmotha Also known as Nutgrass, Nagarmoth is one of the prominent herbs used in Ayurveda, which helps in healing the diseases of the skin.
  • Kachur Also called White Turmeric, Kachur is an anti-inflammatory herb. Majith This popular herb is known to prevent scalp infections. 
  • Bariar Ke Mul Also known as Khareti or Vargharu, this perennial shrub is used as a primary ingredient in massage oils which are meant to be applied topically.
  • Anantmul Also known as Indian Sarsapilla, it is one of the best detoxifying herbs which helps to purify the blood, maintain clear skin and clean the body from within.
  • Mehandi It is a natural colour that helps cover grey hair. It also coats the hair and protects from oxidation Jatamansi It is an antifungal herb that rejuvenates hair roots and calms the mind for a sound sleep.


  • Amla Also known and Indian Gooseberry, Amla is rich in Vitamin C and helps stimulates hair growth. The antioxidants in this herb help avert dandruff, while also preventing premature graying of the hair. It also acts as a natural coolant thus promoting the overall health of the hair.
  • Shikakai This essential herb is a prominent hair cleanser. Brimming with Vitamin C and Vitamin D, Shikakai keeps the scalp hydrated while adding shine and softness to the hair. It is also known to fight dandruff, prevent hair fall, remove hair lice and delay graying of hair.
  • Tulsi This Indian herb also referred to as the Holy Basil, is known for its umpteen medicinal benefits as well as its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal effect. It helps avert dandruff.
  • Reetha An effective scalp cleaner and coolant, Reetha is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. This herb nourishes and conditions the hair giving it the much-desired shine and softness.
  • Henna A popular coolant, Henna is a natural colour that helps cover grey hair. It also coats the hair and protects them from oxidation.



Sung Ho: Inhale for refreshing Indian Ayurvedic herbs. For inhalation purpose only.
Herbobliss: One capsule daily at bedtime with milk or water.
Herbofit: One Chyawanprash capsule daily after breakfast or with a glass of milk for all above the age of 10 years.
Herbocharm: Mix 1-2g of the pack with rose water, apply on the face and massage till it dries. Keep overnight and wash it the next morning. For external use only.
Herbocool: Twice a week.
Herbaal : Twice a week
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