• English Lavender Bathing Bar

English Lavender Bathing Bar

The season of festivities kick starts which means unlimited partying, finishing those deadlines and meetings before you are off for your much awaited Vacayyyy!! So enjoy the calming and aromatic English Lavender bathing bar that soothes your senses and calms those jitters. Perfect to provide you with ultimate relaxation. The rich and creamy goat milk gives your skin that much needed moisture and hydration.

What goes into making me
Goat milk, Vegetable glycerin and English Lavender EO

What I stay away from
Parabens, Artificial or synthetic fragrances, Artificial colours, Mineral oils, Paraffins, harmful additives and animal testing

* Improves skin texture
* Provides moisture and hydration
* Pure essential oils and butters prevent dryness and flaking

Directions to use
Lather onto wet skin and massage gently using small circular motions. Press gently with the pads of your fingers when washing your face. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact happens, rinse with water immediately. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry. Keep in a dry soap dish always.

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