• Kara Anti Ageing & Moisturising Blueberry Sheet Facemask

Kara Anti Ageing & Moisturising Blueberry Sheet Facemask

Product Summary:

Pamper yourself from the comfort of your home with our Anti Ageing & Moisturizing Blueberry Sheet Face Mask, packed with the natural goodness of blueberries to give you smooth, youthful skin. Made in Korea, this sheet mask works hard to give you even toned, rejuvinated skin. This product is best suited for those with dry and combination skin

Set/Single Product:- Single

Color/Shade Discription:- Blueberry

Formulation:- Sheet

Concern:- Anti Ageing

Benefits:- Anti Ageing

Special Remarks:- Made in Korea, Paraben Free, Alcohol & Mineral Oil Free, Animal Cruelty Free, Vitamin E enriched

Ingredients:- Blueberry

How to Use:

Open the pack; Apply the Mask; Wear the Mask for 15 minutes; Remove the mask; Massage excess serum on to skin or Rinse it off