Kara Hand Sanitizing Wipes 10 Wipes (Pack of 4)

Product Summary:

Kara hand sanitizing wipes make sure your hands are germ free, fresh and moisturised. The wipes are enriched with the natural goodness of Aloe Vera, which nourishes, hydrates and soothes your skin. This pack is an easy to carry, hand bag essential, and the perfect companion when you are on the go! Place them in your car, children's schoolbag, gym bag or even in your pocket to be germ free at all times.

Set/Single Product:- Single

Color/Shade Discription:- Aloe Vera

Formulation:- Wipes

Concern:- All Skin Types

Benefits:- Hand Sanitizing

Special Remarks:- Paraben Free, Alcohol & Mineral Oil Free, Animal Cruelty Free, Vitamin E enriched

Ingredients:- Aloe Vera

How to Use:

Peel off label; Remove a wipe; Reseal label; Wipe away dirt and oil from your hands Discard wipe