• Kiwi Scrub-Gem Blue-BioCare

Kiwi Scrub-Gem Blue-BioCare


The Kiwi seeds along with the fruit deliver the maximum exfoliating benefits. It buffs away the clogging of pores due to dirt, impurities, and grime to reveal a complexion that is radiant, smooth, and healthy. The GemBlue BioCare Kiwi Facial Scrub is enriched with Kiwi extract and Aloe Vera that helps in controlling the sebum production thus reversing the acne breakout. It also helps to soothe the skin inflammations thus healing it faster. The Kiwi Facial Scrub purifies and unclogs the pores leaving you with soft and smooth skin. It exfoliates and brightens up your skin leaving you with a radiant shine. 

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