• Mango Moisturizing Cream-Gem Blue-BioCare

Mango Moisturizing Cream-Gem Blue-BioCare


The Mango Facial Cream enriched with mango extract moisturizes the skin and leaves it refreshed and nourished. Mango contains Vitamin A and other antioxidants that help in the treatment of skin discoloration. This facial cream makes your skin clean and clear by boosting skin renewal. The mango extract has ingredients that help in preventing acne breakout. It has cleansing and astringent properties that leave your skin healthy and clean. Our Mango Facial Cream rejuvenates skin and protects it against the harsh UV radiation. It helps in healing of sunburn, dark spots, inflammation, and skin peeling after tanning. Get the Mango Facial Cream today to indulge in some facial pampering.  

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