• mCaffeine Naked Detox Green Tea Shampoo (200 ml)

mCaffeine Naked Detox Green Tea Shampoo (200 ml)

Product Description

Let the calmness in your hair speak volumes with the mCaffeine Naked Detox Green Tea Shampoo. A perfect blend of ultimate detox and great nourishment, this gentle shampoo has a natural detox formula to fight toxins accumulated due to pollution and modern urban lifestyle. Include this Green Tea shampoo in your hair care regimen and make it a permanent partner to your mCaffeine Conditioner for hair that shines!

Comfort your hair by soothing it with detoxifying products that are free from SLS, SLES, parabens and other harmful ingredients, this shampoo is your ultimate escape. At the heart of this shampoo is Green Tea, well known for its rich antioxidants and detox properties.

Dirt and pollution affect the roots of your hair. Dry air and strong sun damages the hair shafts and make them rough. Green Tea antioxidants fight free radicals and save your hair from these damages. The toxins gathered due to pollution if not buffed away may cause buildups causing irritation and itching. mCaffeine Naked Detox Green Tea Shampoo will cleanse your hair and make them healthy, free from toxins and other hair damages.

The refreshing & gentle shampoo will take over your senses as you lather it up in your hair. You will love the feeling when the shampoo will cleanse and revive your shampooing experience. The herbal aroma is sure to wake you up. Ease dull and damaged hair and embrace healthy hair with a natural sheen!

How to Use:

• Dampen your hair. Take enough amount of shampoo, lather and gently massage it into your scalp in circular motions.
• Leave it on for about two minutes as the caffeine in green tea penetrate into the follicles and strengthen them.
• Rinse thoroughly. For best results, follow with mCaffeine Green Tea Conditioner.


Daily-use, Damaged Hair, Frizzy Hair, Hair Fall, Volumizing, Circulation, Dandruff, Soap-free

Key Benefits:

Detox, Reduces Hair Fall, Deep Cleanse, Fight Free Radicals, Protects From Sun Damage, Strengthens Hair Shafts

Other Benefits:

Strengthens The Hair Follicles, Promotes Hair Growth, Nourishes The Scalp, Nourish Hair

Skin Type:

All Hair

Key Ingredients:

Wheat Protein, Caffeine, Green Tea, Vitamin E, Brilliant Blue FCF, Lemon Yellow Azo



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