• NATURE-O-CARE Maha Bringraj Hair Oil

NATURE-O-CARE Maha Bringraj Hair Oil


Maha Bringraj Hair Oil is an ayurvedik remedy prescribed in the Vedas for treatment for hairfall,headache,cures sleeplessness,premature greying ,regrowth,improves blood circulation in hair follicles .enriched with the goodness of extracted herbs blended with pure Black Sesame Oil .Chandan, Amla,Hartika helps in controlling hairfall , treats drandruff.Bhringraj and Chandan not only induces a feeling of nature coolness on head , It also provides a calming effect and reduces stress.Balck Sesame Oil is considered most superior oil in ayurveda and regular usage of it helps in restoring natural hair colour and promotes hair growth.

 Ingredients :

Each 100ML contains: Bhringraj Ext (5%), Manjistha Ext (1%), Padma Kashtha Ext (1%), Lodh Ext (1%), Rakta Chandan Ext (1%), Berala Ext (1%), Haridra (1%) , Daruharidra (1%), Nageswar(Nagkesara) Ext (1%), Priyangu Ext (1%), Yastimadhu Ext. (1%), Prapaundarik Ext. (1%), Shyamalata (Krishna Sariva) Ext (1%), Til Oil (81%) , Perfume (2%).


Benefits :

  • 100% Natural
  • Controls hair Fall
  • Natural Conditioner
  • promotes Sleep
  • Prevents Scalp Infection
  • Reduces Stress




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