• nature-o-care Orange Rose French Clay

nature-o-care Orange Rose French Clay


A traditional blend of flowers,herbs,roots and certain cereals hand pounded for cleansing and rejuvenate your skin .Nature o care orange rose French clay possesses excellent exfoliating properties which helps in removing dead and damaged skin cells .It is very effective for skin pigmentation and it's regular usage tones the skin leaving the complexion glowing. It's ingredients helps in lightening the skin complexion and French Clay nourish and replenish the skin's mositure,minimizes the enlarged pores.With it exfoliating and stimulating properties skin appears evenly toned, refreshed and healthy.


Each 5gm contains : Sandalwood, Fullers earth, Orange peel powder, Rose, Mint, Basil, Lavender, Sandalwood essential oil, Orange essential oil, Oatmeal


  • Clay helps in removal of blackhead, dead cells blemishes.
  • It helps in reduction of dark circle, tightening of skin pores, improves skin complexion and makes if soft and smooth.

 Directions :

For oil skin use it with rose water. For normal to dry skin use with combination of rose water _ glycerine.

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