• Neem Cleansing Scrub-Gem Blue-BioCare

Neem Cleansing Scrub-Gem Blue-BioCare

Neem has umpteen benefits and we have packed our GemBlue BioCare Neem Facial Scrub with all of it. It is a mild cleansing scrub enriched with a natural cleansing exfoliant. Its regular use will leave your face clean and clear suffused in a youthful glow. Your skin will feel moisturized after every use. Neem extracts hydrate the skin resulting in a natural glow. Neem has antibacterial properties that squeeze out the dirt and impurities from the pores thus unclogging it. It combats skin issues like acne and blemishes. It prevents the recurrence of pimples. Try it and see your face change into something radiant and beautiful. 

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