• Saffron Scrub-Gem Blue-BioCare

Saffron Scrub-Gem Blue-BioCare

The GemBlue BioCare Saffron Facial Scrub is specially formulated with the richness of Kesar and Wheat Germ Oil to work on the dirt and grime deep inside the pores. All traces of makeup and impurities are removed from the face and you are left with a skin that is clean and clear. Kesar nourishes your skin and keeps it moisturized. It removes all the scars, suntans, and blemishes from the skin to give you a smooth and glowing skin. The saffron helps in skin brightening and gives a uniform tone to the skin. The skin shines with a natural radiance when you use our GemBlue BioCare Saffron Facial Scrub. 

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