• Skin Detox

Skin Detox

Key Benefits/Uses:

Used in Ayurveda to purify and clarify skin of pollutants, Eladi is a popular ingredient in beauty treatments. Loaded with traditional herbs, our Eladi Thailam is a natural way to detox skin from the after effects of pollution, make up, dirt, stress and bacteria . A light oil, it absorbs easily into the skin to beat environmental damage keeping it healthy . Gives a beautiful glow and makes skin bright. The best “detoxifying” treatment for your skin. Eladi is a natural anti-oxidant that stimulates blood flow to make your skin glow. Heals skin damaged by pollution , dirt , stress , make up and bacteria . Removes toxins from pores and unclogs them. Purifies skin to keep it healthy and bright . Treat problem skin with natural extracts of neem, tea tree and basil. This Clear Skin Face Mask purifies and clears skin of impurities and gently remove excess oil. Gives skin a clear and smooth look by controlling breakouts and making dark spots lighter. Minimizes open pores by keeping them clean and dirt free. Makes skin healthy and acne free without drying it. Use regularly on clean skin and wash off after 15/20 minutes with plain water. YOUR AURAVEDIC SKIN CARE TIP- Always use clean fresh towels and napkins on skin to minimize the spread of bacteria and germs.

Direction for use/Dosage:

Eladi Thailam - Gently massage this light oil on face in upward motion. Leave on overnight for best results . Wash face with plain water in the morning. Experience clean, healthy and bright skin. Anti Blemish Clear Skin Mask - Cleanse face before applying this clear skin mask. Keep on for 15-20 minutes before gently washing off with water. Use daily for maximum results.