• Skin Whitening Facial Kit-GemBlue-BioCare

Skin Whitening Facial Kit-GemBlue-BioCare

The constant exposure to dirt, pollution, and harmful UV rays if the sun damages the skin and makes it look dull and tired. Hence, it is important that you use our GemBlue BioCare Skin Whitening Facial Kit regularly to get back the natural glow of your skin. This kit contains Cleansing Cream, Face Scrub, Skin Lightening Gel, Face Massage Cream, and Face Pack. Our facial kit targets the dark patches, blemishes, and the dull portion of the skin by removing it and making the skin nourished, rejuvenated, and glowing with fairness. The Face Massage Cream provides the right amount of moisturization. The Skin Lightening Gel provides a protective layer from sun exposure. 

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