The Moms Co. Natural Bath Essentials For Baby with Shampoo (200 ml), Lotion (200 ml) and Wash(200 ml)


The Moms Co. Natural Baby Skin & Hair Bundle soften and soothe baby’s delicate skin and scalp with their toxin-free combination of Coconut based mild cleansers that gently clean while oils like Avocado, USDA-Certified Organic Chamomile and Organic Aloe Vera gel soothe and moisturise.

Included in the box:


Our Natural Baby Wash is a toxin-free combination of Coconut based mild cleansers that gently clean, while oils like Avocado, Organic Chamomile, and Organic Aloe Vera gel help soften and soothe your baby's delicate skin


The Moms Co. Natural Tear-Free Baby Shampoo is a toxin-free combination of Coconut-based cleansers that gently clean, while Organic Moringa & Organic Argan Oils help nourish and strengthen your baby's soft hair


The Moms Co. Natural Baby Lotion nourishes, protects and moisturizes your baby’s skin. Enriched with Organic Apricot, Organic Jojoba, and Organic Rice Bran Oils that deeply nourish your baby’s delicate skin. 



Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Coconut Based Cleansers, Organic Rice Bran Oil. 


How to Use:

  • Pump the shampoo onto your palm and mix it with water to lather. Pour the baby wash onto your hand and gently rub on baby's wet skin
  • Apply onto your baby's wet hair and scalp. Lather and rinse. Rinse properly
  • To lock in moisture and protect your baby's skin, follow up with our Natural Baby Lotion. 


What's In:

  • Avocado oil with its high content of fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E to nourish and moisturize
  • Organic chamomile oil and calendula oil for their skin-soothing properties
  • Organic argan oil and organic aloe vera gel to moisturize and soften skin
  • Coconut-based cleansers that gently clean
  • What else you need to know: The product is clinically tested by expert dermatologists and Australia Allergy Certified to ensure that the products are non irritant and safe for use on sensitive Indian skin. 


What's Out:

This natural tear-free baby wash is made without mineral oil, sulphates (SLS, SLES), parabens, DEA/TEA, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrances, PEGs and many other potentially harmful chemicals.


Safe For: This baby wash is safe and very well suited for newborns and kids of all ages. 


Bullet Points:

  • Tested Tear-Free
  • Hypoallergenic, Mild and Gentle
  • Paraben and Sulphate free, the Baby Shampoo, Wash and Lotion 100% chemical-free
  • From our range of 100% Natural and Australia-Certified Toxin-Free products. 
  • Rs. 1,179.00